The Spiritual Guidance of Man and Mankind: Now Available!


Rudolf Steiner needs little introduction due to his enormous number of lectures and literary works (hundreds of volumes)- suffice it to say this work comes from the period in which he was still a theosophist and had not yet schismed from the post-Blavatsky order to form his own vaguely separate anthroposophy.

It speaks at length on human evolution from a mystic perspective, the manner of reality, and the concept of Christlike-ness; it is mostly notable for its statements on the development of human culture along occult lines.

68 pages.


H.P. Blavatsky (An Outline of her Life): Now Available!


This short outline has only one subject; the founder and long term leader of Theosophy, Madame Blavatsky. This work chronicles her life in a fairly substantial degree of detail, however one with the intrinsic bias of being written by a member of the Theosophical Society- therefore it refutes some largely accepted claims such as fraudulent spiritual tricks in Blavatsky’s apartment; the author here claims some rotating panels used as evidence of fraud were built after she left- it’s difficult to determine whether this counter to the rationalists of the era is true.

For those interested in Theosophy this is a must-read.

46 pages.

The Theosophy of Christ: Now Available!


This short work represents a contemporary look at Theosophy from a perspective different from that of the Oriental tradition. While Theosophy at large brought East to West, this and similar works spoke more of Jesus and attempted to re-assert the supremacy of Christendom over spiritism and similar phenomena.

Largely, it encourages prayer for healing, claiming that the dispensation of healing miracles did not end in antiquity.

45 pages.

Mystics of the Renaissance: Now Available!


This book is one of those works Rudolf Steiner wrote which primarily compiles and analyzes and draws from secondary sources; namely, as the title suggests, some of the mystic minds of the Renaissance, although it includes, also, Medieval minds and some contemporary work by Eckhart and others. It goes from Paracelsus and Agrippa through Boehme and many others.

The statements made here vary both from those sources and Steiner; it speaks of the nature of being, the nature of divinity, the relationship between man and the deity or deities he worships, and meanders from those into sub-topics as well. It is quite well written and interesting as Steiners’ works tend to be. As a pointless but meaningless aside the initial source file was around 300 pages in length, which goes to show you the odd format and line spacing used in the early 20th century.

120 pages.

Dreams (What Are They): Now Available!


This short work, by the well-known theosophist Charles Leadbeater, is interesting mostly for its attempt to divide dreams into three pieces- the physical, etheric, and astral. As a work of pure theosophy, it does not delve into dream interpretation and similar things (although it does mention dream symbolism briefly) and mostly ruminates on some examples of dreams predicting the future and their overall form, namely, how and why dreams exist at all, from the occult perspective of its author,

52 pages.

Christian Science, Medicine, and Occultism: Now Available!


This little booklet is the result of the famous Albert Moll, whose forays into debunking spiritual things are of greater interest than his more mainstream content (including major contributions to the study of gender.)

It is interesting that here, while he casts a disdainful eye over the topic of the occult at large, he accepts that some of its content is legitimate at least insofar as healing can take place as the result of mesmerism misclassified- we today call this the “placebo effect.” Much of the content here is about Christian Science; which persists in minor form today as a loose collective of groups which engage in faith healing. While it is usually a mild form of quackery, even modern medicine states that in some cases if can be efficacious because the underlying problem is mental, and not caused by injury, infection, etc.

38 pages.

Occultism And Modern Science: Now Available!


This mid-length book is notable not so much for its application of the occult but its treatment of two individuals in particular (although it speaks at some length of others and of various phenomena); namely, the infamous Eva Carriere, and Rudolf Steiner, developer of Anthroposophy and, prior, prolific writer and notable Theosophist.

To the former, significant applause is given; it should be noted that Carriere was later noted by her own consorts to be not just a fraud but a sexual exhibitionist who performed nude and “submitted” to “gynecological tests” primarily for her own amusement, involving a confederate who happened to be her lesbian lover. To Steiner is credited the excellence of his treatments of others’ philosophical writings, although the author is quite acerbic otherwise and challenges Steiner directly on some of his assertions regarding “second sight.” Altogether this is quite a good work and should be seen as cautionary to the occultist.

131 pages.