Christ Or Buddha? Now Available!


This short work of Rosicrucian lore essentially serves one purpose; to differentiate Eastern and Western occultism, favoring the latter and refuting the concept that- at least in the Rosicrucian path- Buddha or Eastern esoteric concepts held supremacy over the conception of Jesus Christ.

When we analyze this work it is important to note that it was a fairly common criticism of occult movements at the time that they were not Christ-centric enough; Heindel’s prescribed work here (through Annett Rich) is an answer to the concerns of religious folk at the time. I must personally note that the initial manuscript was riddled with typographical errors and grammar mistakes and I redacted them all.

36 pages.

The Lost Keys of Freemasonry: Now Available!


This is the second piece of literature ever crafted by Manly P Hall. It is a very good guide to the basic premise of Freemasonry- the symbolic tale of Hiram Abiff forms the basic symbolic core of its tenets, along with some other themes explored herein. It is notable that Hall was not a Mason at the time of writing this work but was apparently applauded by the order anyways, despite barely being an adult.

There is an interpretation of the fabled Emerald Tablet of Hermes here that is notable as well.

78 pages.

Special teachings From the Arcane Science: Now Available!


“Special Teachings” is the first of three works in Farnsworths’ series of occult compilations. The topics within are highly variable and presented from a Theosophical perspective. It notably includes content regarding Karma, Kali Yuga, the concept of time from an occult perspective, and various treatments on science and supernatural topics. It is, of the three works in the series, the best written and least rushed, and is comprised of about fifty sections.

144 pages.

The Deeper Mysteries: Now Available!


This intermediate-length work is actually the third of three works written by Farnsworth over the course of a decade, containing various new age material from a surprisingly large number of sub-topics within the spiritual. It touches on Swedenborg, Blavatsky, levitation, the categorization of spirits and creatures, and many other tidbits. It should be noted that the author was certainly not inclined to editing as a trade since I had to redact dozens of errors in the work, and this was a laymans’ sort of guide comprised more of short, discrete sections than one overarching, flowing work.

Some of the content is secondary and comes from Theosophical figures, not just Blavatsky but other “masters” also.

138 pages.

General Update Time!

Alright literary world!

I am now in the Netherlands, and taking a short break from actual literary work; having edited 250 different editions, I figure it’s a good time to take a week or so to just focus on exploring a new and unfamiliar area. It’s warmer here than in my native Vermont so I am enjoying an extended season of “no frost and daytime temperatures well into the 50s.”

That is not to say the work has ended, though! It never will!

Over the next few days I intend to try and obtain a a few dozen new books and booklets to edit; I need fifty, of course, to attain my ultimate goal of 300 editions, which I hope to complete by the end of 2020. I already organized my work files, and I’ll begin #251 fairly soon- but I also need to cull a few editions since some works are easier or more relevant than others. I start getting antsy if I don’t do my editing or writing for extended periods. To me, a vacation is when you do the same work but in a new location, so expect new releases before October ends and, if I have my ‘druthers, #260 before Christmas.

Occult Japan: Now Available!


The topic of Shinto is one I haven’t really studied much of before; I waited for years to finally attain a proper copy of this book that could reasonably be edited from and was finally able to do so fairly recently. Its author needs little introduction since he wasn’t just an avid studier of Asian religion but also an astronomer of considerable fame who proclaimed Mars to be covered in artificial canals.

The work is almost more notable for its time period and cultural significance than for its strictly religious content since it was written from a western perspective in the very center of the Meiji period- the rapidly shifting cultural ethos of Japan is thus overlapped seamlessly with age-old ritual customs and spiritual lore in this work, acting almost as a time capsule. Highly recommended.

208 pages.

Divine Inspiration: Now Available!


It’s slightly difficult to classify this work since almost nothing is known about its author (save his authorship herein) and because the content jumps from sub-topic to sub-topic. Indeed, the numerous errors in spelling here make me think that the writer may himself have been only half-literate; not at all uncommon in the early 1900s and entirely forgivable since the work is interesting.

It proclaims the coming end times (importantly, it was written in the era of WWI) and speaks at length on some moral topics- claiming angelic inspiration and speaking briefly on several points of the authors’ life. This self-styled seer was, he claims, told by angels that the future era would eventually be marked by a holy and benevolent female rulership (of the ‘meek’) which would bring forth an enlightened world. While it speaks of psychic work it is strictly pseudo-christian in format. Altogether well worth a read.

81 pages.