The Irreconcilable Gnomes: Now Available!


This little booklet is an interesting fusion of two bits of content, courtesy of Rosicrucian leader Reuben Clymer. The first two thirds of the book are essentially dialogue with a gnome (the elemental spirit, not a little man with a red hat!) on the nature of reality, from the FRC’s perspective, of course. The last third deals with grimoires- notably the Grand Grimoire, Black Pullet, and Grimorium Verum, offering some brief explanation and their usefulness in practicing spiritually. This is slightly odd since it also subjugates the Enchiridion to the Grand Grimoire, but it’s a good read nonetheless.

48 pages.


The Kybalion: Now Available!


This fine work is quite well known and is a book I’d planned to edit for a couple of years, having heard of its existence but never actually read it. Well written if a bit dense, and quite enigmatic, the Kybalion purports to have been created by three initiates into the Hermetic secret, and contains multiple sections ruminating on the nature of existence, vibration of matter, the nature of thought, creation, and so forth. It’s a philosophical work and claims itself to be merely the introductory text of this mystery tradition, passed orally from master to student since antiquity.

The author or authors of the work remain unknown and I am unsure any comprehensive study has attempted to compare its linguistic style to other contemporary individuals. Altogether, the work is quite good, and an interesting read- although its habitual use of upper case letters can be a bit jarring. I decided to leave that intact for authenticity.

115 pages.

Mystic Test Book of the Hindu Occult Chambers: Now Available!


This is one of the stranger works of the early 20th century. Written by the famous DeLaurence, it seeks to teach the reader how to use crystal gazing to contact spirits and help people with various issues, and to impart the secret of telepathy. It also covers the use of the seance to contact spirits, among other tricks within the spirit realm (while considering these spirits to be very much hermetic in form; that is, the sylphs, undines, etc.)

While some of the practices here are related predominantly to DeLaurence advertizing his own goods and services, it is true that some of them remain in use, and are of occult interest to this day.

126 pages.