Frays Golden Recipes: Now Available!


At the dawn of the 19th century, most popular domestic tip books contained ritual magic or at least prayers and explicit superstition. By the time of this particular work in the late 19th century, those had disappeared leaving herbal medicine, simple tips, recipes, and so forth; indeed, the path from grimoire, to this type of text, to modern woodcrafting and recipe books is fascinating.

It contains a slew of herbal remedies for disease and injury, as well as tips for basic issues such as illness in livestock and so forth- although some of the remedies are not a great idea, some of them remain in alternative medicine even today. It ought to be noted that this booklet had a very long printing run; I have seen scans of editions post-dating this one by 20 years.

66 pages.

Albertus Magnus; Egyptian Secrets: Now Available!


At long last I was able to get a copy of this work (published by deLaurence at the dawn of the 20th century) that was in workable condition. At over 230 pages in length it is a full grimoire initially in three volumes which were first available in the early 18th century in German. Borrowing heavily from the Petit Albert and in the same tradition and lineage as Hohmans’ Pow Wows, it is comprised of two distinct types of material; that which is technically mundane (folk medicine mostly, but also some husbandry related entries) and that which is truly spiritual (prayers and, in a couple spots, incantations involving literal demons.) Wherever “t t t” appears it is assumed the reader ought to be making the sign of the cross.

The staggering number of actual entries here is only eclipsed by the strange content of some of the passages: Ever wonder how to prevent yourself from continuing to be infatuated by a woman lustfully? This book has a solution: Just work up a good sweat and drink some beer from your sweaty shoe. Rub some bat lard in your eyes to see in the dark and amaze your friends!

I attempted to correct some of the obvious spelling errors in the work especially in volume I, however since the initial deLaurence edition is essentially a translated reworking already I felt it necessary to leave the somewhat jolting flow alone.

233 pages.

Ars Theurgia Goetia: Now Available!


And now it is time for my 155th occult work and the final work of 2018- the Ars Theurgia Goetia, which is the second book and a component of the Lemegeton AKA Lesser Key of Solomon which I released previously. It required some degree of reformatting since the work is shorter, but it’s still its own technical stand-alone work. However, it should be noted that some content here explicitly requires the first book, the Ars Goetia, to function.

This particular part of the Lemegeton dwells on spirits which are less Hellish and strictly demonic than the former work, while naming some of them as largely malevolent. The number of purposes for these demons and their summonable dukes (and occasionally “under-dukes”) are less than the arcane and strange Ars Goetia.

116 pages.

The Lesser Key of Solomon: Now Available!



At long last it is time for the final literary release of 2018 and one of the most important grimoires ever concocted. Standing at 259 pages, it’s also full length.

The Lesser Key of Solomon is actually a compilation of other works from the same era- the initial variant compiled by none other than Mathers and Crowley themselves contained five works- the Ars Goetia, Theurgia Goetia, Ars Paulina, Almadel, and the Ars Notoria (shortened to Nova in some variants.) The material is variable, beginning with the most demonic and then progressing through natural spirits, airy spirits, the angelic, and then the strictly divine.

Since the Notoria is actually centuries earlier I have omitted it in this edition. It has been re-edited with care and completely re-illustrated. I am quite happy with the final appearance. One of the most important occult compilations finally available here, reworked entirely, and for a cost significantly lower than the apparent competitors (please note that three of the Amazon titles under the moniker “Lesser Key” only include the Goetia, and are not complete works.)

Years End Petit Albert Update

As some of you may know, two years ago a hardcover and leather bound fine edition of the Petit Albert was produced by Ouroboros Press with yours truly having reworked the volume. The fact that a book bearing my name was truly, professionally produced in this manner is up there in the top five or so things I’ve accomplished that I am most proud of.

If you are interested in fine editions of this sort, the Petit Albert is one of the best grimoires- at once a compilation of folk spells and a receipt book (the predecessor of the modern term “recipe”- which originally included everything from folk medicine to culinary content to methods for removing stains or making candles or bird food) and comes from France, during the 18th century. It is a cosmopolitan grimoire, containing self-proclaimed foreign spells and tips of various sorts, and also touching on the hand of glory- one of the most famous (and diabolical) objects spoken of in any occult lore.

I have a copy of this work (one of only a few works I have physically obtained that I myself have worked on or released) and the quality is quite high. At 178 pages, it’s a sometimes amusing, often thought provoking read.


Ars Theurgia Goetia / Lesser Key Update!

It is with glee that I announce that I am now 50% done with the final image formatting for the Theurgia Goetia. This means there is a 99% chance it will be ready within a week or so. That means the Lesser Key can be released in time for Yule and the stand-alone edition (which will be around 100 pages in my format) in January alongside a second work (hopefully) on phallism.
That brings me however to one potential stumblingblock which is the full absorption of Createspace by Amazon; at this particular time I do not know fully how to load a paperback there and I am having difficulty figuring out the transition process for all of my paperback titles- when I attempt to use the link on KDP it only finds 5 works out of the over 160 that I have available, and I am unsure why- neither Createspace nor Amazon are logging my paperback sales despite them all being available so I cannot see my works to edit content if needed, and I cannot track my sales. I have contacted them so hopefully this issue will be resolved within a day or two. I only hope Amazon keeps the template generator on CS alive because I have no clue how to manually determine trim size.Ars Theurgia Goetia / Lesser Key Update!

Lesser Key Update!

It’s time for a rather short update here as one of the most major occult works ever compiled nears completion- in the case of my edition, it is about 90% done as of now. The infamous Lesser Key of Solomon!

1. The Foreword is written, the Ars Goetia, Ars Paulina, and Ars Almadel are formatted with their new settings.

2. I am half done with the rough format of the Ars Theurgia Goetia.
Since I am slightly ahead of expectations for the end of November it should be done by the middle of December giving people time to grab a copy for Yule if they wish- but as always, I can’t promise that because sometimes I get busy with side works!