Stars of Destiny: Now Available!


This is quite a good work, relatively lengthy and somewhat dense. It is purely astrological and includes the basic meaning of the twelve signs, the meaning of each celestial bodies’ movements in each of the twelve houses, and the categorization of the twenty four hours of the day and what to do (or not do) in basic terms for business, travel, etc, based on the reigning planet. It gives some explanation using astrology with a few charts as well.

82 pages.


A Compendium of Heathen Mythology: Now Available!


This is a rather short work, one written in the middle of the 19th century. Marketed to young, middle and upper middle class females, it is a sort of pagan primer- one which outcompeted contemporary works by amusingly including Hindu and Egyptian material alongside the then-standard Greek and Roman.

This amusing aside does not detract from the content- it is as good as any similar work. I like it slightly more because of those asides. It ought to be noted that a lot of the Hindi words had to be modernized (IE Seevah to Shiva.)

46 pages.

Modern Vampirism: Now Available!


This is one of the flat-out weirdest works I’ve ever edited; a short work, it treats on poetry and prose related to vampires, details both blood drinking and psychic attack, and altogether appears to endorse the concept that literal vampires- that is, in the strain of Dracula, able to keep a corpse semi-alive or appear in apparitional form- are both real and very dangerous. Cautionary in part, it warns the reader to be mindful and not utilize ouija boards or seances or hypnotism, to avoid elemental spirits from parasitizing them.

Alluding to both fiction and supposed nonfiction accounts of injury and death from energetic vampirism, it also suggests hanging around extremely optimistic people in order to fight such otherworldly forces.

49 pages.

The Devil: Now Available!


This little work is a nice little addition to the spiritual library being amassed here- it isn’t about magic though, it’s actually a reformist tract from the godfather of agnosticism aimed at bringing the idea of Hell and Satan low. It’s a pretty good two pronged argument too, since it focuses on the rational (contraditions in the Bible, etc) and the emotional (the ethics of such a concept being real.) It should be noted that this is technically a long speech- an oratory- put to text and is not a stand-alone booklet at all, per se.

39 pages.