Stars of Destiny: Now Available!


This is quite a good work, relatively lengthy and somewhat dense. It is purely astrological and includes the basic meaning of the twelve signs, the meaning of each celestial bodies’ movements in each of the twelve houses, and the categorization of the twenty four hours of the day and what to do (or not do) in basic terms for business, travel, etc, based on the reigning planet. It gives some explanation using astrology with a few charts as well.

82 pages.


Planting, Harvesting, etc, According to the Signs of the Zodiac: Now Available!


This short, obtusely-titled booklet is nonetheless absolutely worth reading for those interested in the topic of astrology; I don’t know of another comparable work; one which suggests that surgical and medical acts should be relegated to an astrological timeline. The agricultural tips in here are a bit more mystic than in most works with similar, almanac-esque content, but are definitely fun to read.

At the end it contains a relatively mundane twelve-month zodiac and the basic traits for each sign. Notably, it does include the concept of “cusp” signs (days overlapping two signs.) For example, I am on the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius. This has significance in some zodiacal interpretations, but is not regarded as valid by some others.

38 pages.

The Astrological Physician: Now Available!


This manuscript is honestly one of the most bizarre things I have ever come across and edited within the occult. A fusion of astrology and medicine, it proposes to diagnose and help treat ailments (often outdated ones with new names) by observing the planets so forth in their movements at the time of complaint and diagnosis. It also says it can determine whether a disease is being caused by witches or demons.

Equally at home as a quack/ folk medicine work and as one purely astrological, it’s a strange but interesting fusion.

44 pages.

General Update Time! Last Update of 2017!

At this time the illustrating process of the Ars Goetia is underway and everyone is getting visions of demons in their heads, severed feet hanging over the fire, and Satan Claus, so I figure it’s time for one last update for this year.

First, as to my current editing, I am about halfway through hammering out the Astrological Physician; this strange 17th century work combines astrology with medicine and uses the theory of the humors to diagnose disorders and speculate the likely cause of complaints by observing the position of planets at the time of examination. The work is in exceptionally arcane English so it’s a slow process despite a relatively short (40 to 50 page) overall length.


Second, once that is done, it’s time to edit the Theurgia Goetia, the shorter counterpart to the Ars Goetia always paired with it in Lesser Key editions. It won’t take long to edit the relatively small amount of actual text since the work is half illustrations- I’ll be speaking to my artist about this once the Ars Goetia is complete. It will not be ready in 2017 though, for a certainty.


Third, I’ll begin work on Morbid Stories II and once the entries themselves are made I have to figure out whether to increase its bulk substantially or lower the cost to all of you by moving some content from MSI to MSII and making two entirely new editions of a length just under that which causes a significant increase on Amazon and affiliated sites.


Happy Unholy days!