Occult Memetics: Now Available!

(Please note; Amazon has retained the image of the first uploaded cover which was poorly formatted. This has been corrected but I do not know when the image will update.)

This is part four of my shorter works series, and the newest edition I myself have released.

It speaks of memetics in occult terms, propaganda, how to make it, the principles behind its use, the principles behind occult memetics at the very core of its meaning. I give anecdotal examples here, as well as general theory, before I expound on a few rough guides to methodology for those who actually desire to create propaganda for occult purposes.

35 pages.


Double Steam Ahead: A New Slew of Releases

Adversity and stress just makes me work even harder whenever I am able. The situation I spoke of before is specifically the death of my grandfather. He taught me how to grow things, and thus I owe a lot of my herbal knowledge to him. There are thus obviously things to attend to; a funeral, and estate nonsense that should be cut and dry but isn’t because of a relative-who-shall-remain-unnamed.

That being said in the last 48 hours I have worked feverishly and now several works have been completely overhauled. These following links are to Amazon. I have overhauled both the interior format and cover of all these works.

Categorizing the Occult

Occult Nature of God

Spirits of the Garden

I have also completed a work on occult memetics, which I promised to numerous people several months ago. It will be available by this evening. (Edit: Tomorrow evening- the trim was all sorts of messed up and had to be remade.) I have additionally obtained several dozen new works to edit and begun work on a political work which I think people will appreciate. As before; I will only be able to do any editing and writing between other, honestly more pressing things are taken care of, but I assure you an enormous load of literature will become available over the next few weeks regardless. Specifically, the possible future stress of dealing with lawyers and legalese encourages me to expand my catalog of work as quickly as possible, since it means more income.

Bumpy Road Ahead: That Means A Redoubling of Effort

An unexpected situation has arisen here that means that over the coming months (assuming said situation escalates) my ability to work will be hindered slightly. As such, I have decided to vastly increase my pace of work for as long as possible. My to-do list involves releasing a half dozen new works and reformatting virtually all of my pre-2016 editions in an extremely short time span. This will be grueling but has to be done with all vigor and haste that can possibly be dedicated to this cause.

Don’t worry; I will triple-announce any unexpected delays both here and on Youtube as well as my Facebook fan page. There is always the chance that this situation will defuse on its own.

The Stanzas of Dzyan: Now Available!

The Stanzas of Dzyan are a short, purportedly Tibetan work which Helena Blavatsky claimed to have translated near the end of the 19th century from works she encountered in the far East. That it is essentially a short reworking of mundane Buddhist doctrine does not detract from the fact that this, above almost all other occult manuscripts, influenced the entire period of Victorian new agery- as such I decided to edit it, more as a work of historical rather than spiritual significance.

Helena Blavatsky was an interesting person; a chain smoker with the mouth of a sailor who indeed did travel far more widely than even the average socialite Victorian of her era; that she fused systems together into new rites and practices is generally seen as evidence of her being a fraud by most- I see fraud only in her seances and secret letters and relegate the fusion of systems to the most positive abandonment of moral traditionalism and the adaptation of what a hundred years later became the rudiments of the new, rising occult order which at least acknowledges the presence of each spiritual system outside of a vacuum.

26 pages.

General Update Time! New Works in Progress, etc

It hasn’t quite been two weeks but I figure shaving a couple days off won’t hurt anyone.

The first news to report is a new work that will be ready tomorrow; the infamous “Stanzas of Dzyan” by Blavatsky, a short treatise she claimed was translated from Tibetan occult works which loosely relates to Buddhism. I decided to edit and release this manuscript not because of any support of Blavatsky (she was a fraud!) but because of the importance of some of her works in shaping pre-modern Victorian occultism. This facet of the spiritual history of that era can’t be denied; indeed her works were powerful enough to begin influencing human reality even long after her death.

The second news is that I’m editing the strange, Atlantean-style “City of the Sun” by Tomasso; added to this will be another work by Baring-Gould on ghost lore, a new Leland work on Etruscan culture, and the last three Phallic works. I’ve obtained a few new alchemical manuscripts also, and a slew of new material on demonology which always seems to be popular, demonology being of course the one field that virtually all cultures agree is interesting within spiritual paths.

I am also going to begin writing part II of “Sickness in Hell” next week; I will give an estimate of its length and when it will be ready at some later date. I have to return to working on “Macabre Tales” as well.

The Book of Werewolves: Now Available!

“The Book of Werewolves” is a slightly ominously-titled work from the mid 1800s by the somewhat eccentric genius Sabine Baring-Gould. It covers far more than just your typical tales of lycanthropy and delves deeply into berserker (bear-serker) lore, Hindu tradition, and cannibalism among other things, titillating the reader with rather lurid depictions of criminal behavior.

Baring-Gould helpfully acknowledges both the spiritual and secular explanations for various historical tales along these general lines and manages to cram an enormous amount of lore into this work- which might be the pinnacle of such literature in man’s realm of study.

174 pages.

A Poll For You!

Up until now all of my releases have been self published paperbacks. What if I released, through a publisher of the arcane, a hardcover/fine binding edition of one of my works? Specifically, the work in question, the infamous Petit Albert of French fame? Of course, the softcover edition would remain available- it would be a licensed limited printing of my edition.

Have at it!