General Update Time!

Alright literary world;

It’s time for a little bit of an update- I’m quite excited for the next three months, that happy period of time where summer winds down towards Halloween, AKA the greatest holiday of the year. After Halloween, there’s nothing to look forward to until spring except stuffing yourself on Thanksgiving and Yule.

I have four works that I am definitively working on during this period; two herbal works (another government circular by the author of “Weeds as Medicine” and the South Sea Herbal) which will require illustration are on the docket, along with a short alchemical tract and the current work I am editing; “Secrets of Black Arts!” which is similar to other travelers booklets from the late 19th century and into the 1920s- these short works were part historical and part titillating grotesquery. Don’t worry, those won’t be the only works I release over this period; I have a half dozen others ready to format but I am not sure which of them will be completed- along with, I hope, the beginnings of SIH two.

That’s about all. Don’t dog-ear your books.


Improving the State: Now Available!

This tract is one that I thought prudent to finally write; it won’t be alone, either- I am working on new titles against communism and corporate media as well as on resisting propaganda, among other things. The time has come to write more of my own works in among those I am editing- especially since I have far too few political materials available here considering that’s what so many people know me for.

The content of the work is primarily a guide to several relatively simple ways to improve the nature of states in general and of the United States in specific. It is a fusion system; one part constitutionalism to one part nationalism, in essence (of course I had to explain the difference between the latter and fascism, because they are often wrongly conflated.) I let myself go on a limited pogrom against communism as well, but had to save the really good criticism for my separate work on that subject more specifically. When I realized that we were three constitutional amendments from a substantially more stable and benevolent state I actually surprised myself slightly, considering the convoluted and strangulating nature of our current authoritarian-lite government style.

44 pages.

General Update: Forthcoming Works

Several works have to be mentioned here, and as such it made more sense to make a general literary update rather than individual posts for works.

The first announcement is that I have begun editing and reformatting Morbid Stories for a new release. The original had a somewhat outdated format and suffered from that, and I’m conducting a second proofreading as well, for the few grammatical errors which existed therein. This second edition will contain at least some new content also but is already full length.

The second is of course the second edition of The Occult Basis of ASMR which is coming through- I have already edited the work but have been temporarily holding off on the cover art and its release to edit Morbid Stories.

The third is long-awaited by some; at long last I feel it’s time to compile, edit, and rewrite Sickness in Hell into what it was always meant to be; anyone who enjoys Morbid Stories will want to get this work- for it is the crude predecessor to the same. For those not already aware, I began writing Sickness in 2007 when I was still in High School, but never completed it- it was roughly arranged into chapters, which skipped around a bit and contained mostly a mix of humorous and exceptionally violent material related to one Germaine Woodsworth and other characters who were mutated by corporate food products and ended up making a pact with Satan among other things. I won’t reveal too much of the plot now since it’s still malleable. The basic concept, though, is already done and was by 2009 when I switched to the shorter, less structured morbid stories I had written.

The fourth and final announcement is that I intend to translate, edit, and release a version of the infamous grimoire of St. Germaine, the Trinosophia, by July.

Fruits of Eden: Herbalism and the Occult NOW AVAILABLE

After many months, “Fruits of Eden” is now finally available. Last night I finished the last touches on the cover art, and uploaded all the files to Amazon.

The end result I am quite proud of- I never considered myself to be particularly artistically inclined other than in architectural drawing (which came in handy for a few of the illustrations for the charcoaling and garden design chapters of this work) and underestimated my ability to draw botanical works in a way that would be acceptable for a published work.

The book is 240 pages in length, fully illustrated, with a long index at the end for herbal species whether included in the four encyclopedic chapters or not. The work would have been far too long had all species involved with any occult field been included, since virtually any species is either directly or indirectly used in some manner except, perhaps, common clumps of lawn grass.

Thankfully, for the reader, the end result contains virtually the same information as it otherwise would have (I actually added a bit of extra material during my final edit as well) for a fraction of the price as well; the hardcover-only release formerly planned would have been about four times as expensive for just the basic edition, far more for those that were going to be bound in leather. The final touch of pizazz came with the lettering of the front cover- typically I use a font generation system and don’t freehand the title letters like I did here.

Anyone interested in botany, how-to occultism, occult history, or pragmatic garden design (involving methods normally not discussed such as charcoal making as a soil amendment process) will probably enjoy this work. I hate to toot my own horn, but a bit of tooting might be called for since it went through three edits with all artwork made by hand and edited for weeks.

After the Ashes: Surviving the Coming Nuclear War

I’ve already written about this more recent work on other platforms, but I figured I should probably sum it up here as well if this is to be a dedicated literary site for my works.

In the past I’ve read somewhat apocalyptic material- most of it is prophetic and religious (“War’s End” by Wing Anderson comes to mind) or else is dedicated more to survival skills in a general sense without a necessary focus on recovering after a cataclysm that could very well endanger man as a species.

With that in mind I wrote “Ashes” much for the same reason I wrote the still-forthcoming “Fruits of Eden” for occult herbalism- as a sort of measured fusion of material on general subjects that for some reason was never fully synthesized. In the former case, a synthesis of survival strategies and post-apocalyptic philosophy, in the latter case a synthesis of how-to and encyclopedic content with historical context. In both cases a work specifically fulfilling this niche was lacking or at most unknown to myself.

“Ashes” then goes beyond simply proposing ways for an individual to survive and goes on to elaborate on how man can survive collectively- it contains both aspects because both, I judged, were equally important. It leaves the reader to determine how serious the content should be considered and whether to pursue the (often explicit) mentions of other material of worth in such a cataclysm, such as Seton’s work on woodcraft for its enormous amount of boy scout style content, or perhaps military guides or guides on basic medicine which might be of value. Instead of producing 500 pages of minutiae in the realm of survivalism (which has already been done and would thus be redundant) I instead focused mostly on philosophy and logically working through situations which may arise after a nuclear war has actually occurred.

I like to believe that the cover design also has a purpose- brightly colored and glossy so that it will not easily be lost amongst the ash and rubble after a nuclear situation has happened.

The tab to purchase this work (from its only central, official source) is on the side of this blog as with all others.