General Update: Mostly Good News

It’s about time for another update; the end of the year is now very near and my work has slowed slightly as I dream of sugar plums and fairies (or, rather, the burning times, dark spells, and aberrant anthropological literature) but there are several very good things to report now.

1. I am a third of the way through the Canadian Herbal. The (poor) condition of the original text necessitates a more prolonged editing process but caffeine cures all!

2. I have completely edited another combination herbal-and-remedy booklet but have to illustrate it myself; this will take some time.

3. Other probably even better news that I will update everyone on at a later date (but that is highly significant.) Because this is not quite set in stone I won’t bother speaking more of it until it is.

4. I have begun mentally outlining the general plot of Sickness in Hell II. I should probably tell you my basic process for works I am myself authoring; I plot it out as though I am mentally imagining a movie, and then break it into what amount to cinematic segments, each then titled, allowing me to use greater detail (because it is being visualized)- this is followed by basic notes and then the story is written.


General Update Time!

Things are going along quite smoothly at present; due to the sudden coming of snow (far earlier than usual) I’ve gotten a little ADHD addled I suppose and I have three works not complete but all more than half complete; namely the (very good) South Sea Herbal, the Asuri Kalpa, and A work called “Everybody’s Astrology.” I figure at least one will be done before November ends, and the other two in the first week of December, with three more works to go before the big #100.

That completes the first stage of my work; but there is an enormous load ahead for 2017; namely at least one and probably two entire categories’ worth of work (“medical” will combine herbals with homeopathy, and I envision a new category for works related to the psychic arts, mediumship, mesmerism, and similar topics), as well as a planned massive addition of new subjects to the occult playlist I have made.

This is in addition to two side projects; tomorrow I should receive the three booklets I grabbed off ebay, and with my patreon-based donations far higher now I have the cash necessary to seriously look at some of the better booklet lots on ebay over time and grab a few to roughly double the occult archive- this has been actively planned for some time but until now I had so much else to do that I didn’t have the time; I want to field at least 200 free scans by the end of 2017 and another 100 on top of that by the middle of 2018.

The second side project is, of course, finalizing the kindle ebook releases and adding links to them to the categories on this blog; unfortunately at least four separate editions were messed up (I’m good at dealing with createspace’ system for paperbacks, but I am not used to the kindle process) and I had to completely redo them. If you do find that any of my ebook releases are not properly formatted, please do not hesitate to tell me here in a comment or by message on my Youtube channel.

I am also happy to announce that more than 120 copies of Sickness in Hell have been sold since its release about five weeks ago- this doesn’t sound like a lot until you realize that the genre is the literal fringe of the fringe being self released without commercial advertisement by a largely unknown author of fictional works.

Sickness In Hell is Available At Last: Sound the Horns of Hell!

At long last, after nearly a solid decade of writing, editing, and shelving the project altogether for months or years at a time, my earliest literary effort, Sickness in Hell, is finally available.

Some of the content has changed over time as I fiddled with what was originally a scattered plot; the names of the main characters involved (including, of course, Satan) have remained the same. I’ve also decided to make at least two sequels and make it into a series of splatterpunk/dystopian works.

It follows the story of Germaine Woodsworth as his world is crumbling underneath him in a fantastical fungal plague which is tearing the established order apart. Witchery, demons, sickness and decay, are everywhere- reality itself melts away in these pages in hopes that the sanity of the reader will subsequently also begin to decay.

It should be noted that I wrote what has become this work under the inspiration of forces, possibly of a demonic nature, which inspired me to do so many years ago. For anyone into the spooky, the dark, the darkly satirical, or the demonic, you’ve just found the ultimate in grotesque experiences. Helpfully, it’s about two weeks before Samhain right now so you should be able to really get into the mood of the season.

224 pages.

A Blog Redesign and General Update!

At last it is time that my blog here has begun to grow out of its original format. I am actively planning the preliminary stages of acquiring a website to host my material (this blog will cross-link to it and the two operate in tandem using the benefits of both blogspot and my own website, which won’t exist for some months to come.)

I have made a major decision in format for this blog; it doesn’t make sense to have all of my works individually listed taking up precious space- it makes more sense to make a post and link it to a single tab for my own works. I have also decided that the rising number of quasi-academic materials I have edited (Aradia, Ophiolatreia, Chaldean Deluge, etc) should have their own category which will subsume a few of the works from two other categories; namely “spiritual works” and “folk magic and more” which will become just “folk magic” along with general occult folklore that was never academic in tone or style.

In happy update news, Sickness in Hell is on its final chapter and is almost done. I have also edited and am going to release Bacon’s short but spectacular “The New Atlantis” which has several layers of spiritual meaning to it. Added to this will come the last three phallic series works, several more alchemical manuscripts, three more grimoires, and a slew of spiritual scriptures hopefully starting with the Kebra Negast which I mentioned previously.

I am also planning to write a series of short stories for release which will also later be compiled, as tends to happen with shorter materials.

Sickness in Hell Update, And More!

Courtesy of the “Secret Book of the Black Arts” containing numerous references to other occult works, often philosophical and often historical, I have hit pay dirt once again and obtained five new works I was not formerly aware of, including King James’ own Demonological manuscript; I will be releasing these over time along with all the work I already had going on.

Progress is swift on SIH so far; I’m half done with the fourth chapter and now getting into the meat and bones (figuratively and literally) of the story; without giving too much away, it’s a festival of degraded morbidity already and I’ve only tentatively inserted a few grotesqueries so far out of a horde of vicious, slopping, cancerous abominations.

Today the heat wave came back and although I got necessary work done I didn’t get any editing completed on any of the three works I’m plowing through as we speak; when it’s 90 degrees with near 100% humidity, this state feels like southern Florida, and working under those conditions can be more difficult than when it’s crisp and warm and the crickets are chirping happily outside to remind me that all living things rot away in due time.

Several Work Updates

Update 1: Hohman’s Pow-Wows is rapidly approaching completion. The work is going much faster than the Fortune Teller did because of the English being so much closer to that used in modern speech. I have not yet decided whether to include or omit the publishers’ added section (which dates to the original work but is not entirely of German/Pennsylvanian origin.)

Update 2: I am going to expedite the Ars Goetia if it is within my capability to do so.

Update 3: I will be editing and releasing the Ophiolatreia.”

Update 4: Sickness in Hell will be taking rudimentary form over the course of August and I hope to release it before Halloween. If not, it will definitely be done before December.

Update 5: I still have to release the Trinosophia of St. Germaine, the Magus by Francis Barrett, and a dozen other works. Whether even working at full tilt I can complete them all before 2017 is not certain; the last slew of works I released quickly were all shorter in length and all were edited into English before modernity- the Trinosophia has to be translated from French as the Petit Albert was (Hall’s translation is copyrighted and flawed) and The Magus is quite long and detailed. Two more apocryphal works, and at least three more alchemical texts, as well as the booklet I possess on Hypnotism and Mesmerism will join their ranks also, along with Faust’s “Black Raven.”

Work Begins on Sickness In Hell

It is finally that auspicious time at which a new work by yours truly joins the (rapidly growing) ranks of edited releases available here on this blog. “Sickness in Hell” is the name and splatterpunk is the game; think, “Morbid Stories” as one long work instead of multiple short stories.

Many years ago- almost a decade now- the rudiments of this novel began after I had a dream about eating a dehydrated fetus out of a wooden box full of dried apricots in a dilapidated, post-apocalyptic grocery store. After eating this strange sacrament (which I imagine must have been real in some other plane of existence) I became privy to looking beyond the psychological veil into a sort of weird hellish void full of depravity, death, terror, and perversion- and I enjoyed it.

The corpus of the writing is basically complete already. The first step is merely to delineate the chapters and write notes outlining the basic content, after which the story writes itself- when writing fiction, as opposed to nonfiction, I zone out and it becomes almost a form of automatic writing; I say almost, because I don’t believe in actual channeling.

It’s a novel-length work so it will take a bit of time, even if the twenty five original sections (technically chapters) are actually, technically, “done”. Unfortunately, the resulting story jumped around and so I can only say that it is complete in a very technical sense.

The basic premise revolves around fungus capable of mutating DNA, factory farm contamination, Satan, and black magic. The entire work is the purest form of sickness and vile atrocity ever penned by a human being, and I take pride in the fact that a few people I showed some of the original sections got sick and began gagging.