General Update Time!

Alright literary world;

It’s time for a little bit of an update- I’m quite excited for the next three months, that happy period of time where summer winds down towards Halloween, AKA the greatest holiday of the year. After Halloween, there’s nothing to look forward to until spring except stuffing yourself on Thanksgiving and Yule.

I have four works that I am definitively working on during this period; two herbal works (another government circular by the author of “Weeds as Medicine” and the South Sea Herbal) which will require illustration are on the docket, along with a short alchemical tract and the current work I am editing; “Secrets of Black Arts!” which is similar to other travelers booklets from the late 19th century and into the 1920s- these short works were part historical and part titillating grotesquery. Don’t worry, those won’t be the only works I release over this period; I have a half dozen others ready to format but I am not sure which of them will be completed- along with, I hope, the beginnings of SIH two.

That’s about all. Don’t dog-ear your books.


Quick Literary Update Time!

Alright everyone, I am steaming through a new work (one that will fit in the demonology category) written from a strictly christian perspective; “Is the Devil a Myth?” by Wimberley, an early 20th century writing of note within the realm of then-modern Victorian philosophy.

I have finished editing my two herbals; what then should I do? Part of me wants to set a couple of days aside and just illustrate them; as for having someone else do so, I’d feel bad not paying a decent total for the work, but these two minor titles are not likely to become large-scale in sales, and I could at best pay a pittance and justify the artistic work by putting the name of the artist on the work- I’ve had numerous people offer to illustrate for free but, it just doesn’t feel “quite right” to take such an offer, even if the work would probably be better than what I can do.

I think I’ll illustrate the works myself- it’s just a matter of setting aside time to do so when I feel more artistic!

As for forthcoming works, I have acquired another slew of titles to edit and crafted several outlines for more works of my own manufacture, including one about a developmentally arrested caveman and his family and their adventures.

General Update: Herbals Forthcoming!

I have decided to fixate upon three medically related works for the month of April and, once they are done (could be soon, I might have to pay an illustrator, I’m tired of slowing my work down to draw up, scan, format, and re-edit interior images!) I intend to begin working on another manuscript of my own composition on the topic of robotics, automation, synthetic life, and similar topics.

These three works are summarized:

1. Weeds as Medicine: A government-crafted tract on the medicinal use, form, and habit of several dozen species considered at the time to be pests nonetheless worth harvesting to supplement the income of farmers. Things like foxglove, poison hemlock, and yarrow are mentioned here.

2. Valuable Herbal Prescriptions: A work I had already edited in January but never illustrated; a homeopathic work of sorts, combining the design of a short herbal into a medicinal form for basic remedies.

3. Counterblast to Tobacco: An extremely early public health manifest against smoking written by the infamous King James I, of “Daemonologie” fame, the lord of the burning times themselves.

If any artist I pay to complete the illustrations for the first two works quickly I may indeed also release the South Sea herbal, which at first appears freakishly short, but is actually about as long as the others, and merely in an old, compacted form as many herbals were prior to the enlightenment.

Herbal, Homeopathic, and Folk Medicine Books for Sale

The following is a continuously edited list of texts related to herbal medicine, homeopathy, and quack doctoring, which I have edited and released. This list will be updated over time as new titles become available.

Click to Purchase
An extensive mid 18th century text of folk and herbal medicine.

Click to Purchase
A short tract detailing the philosophy of natural magic and herbalism.

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A very good work on herbal and similar imagery in witch lore.

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A WWI homeopathic work of note suggesting the use of small doses of tincture of black powder.

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A combination receipt book for disease and herbal guide.

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A short herbal with a large number of (often odd) recipes.

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A very short tract on the spiritual and physical evils of tobacco, by King James the first.

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A government bulletin listing several dozen common and noxious medicinal species.

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A homeopathic work listing some late 19th century remedies and various species used therein.

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A work that proclaims the ability to treat and diagnose ailments using astrology.

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Carey’s work likening the spiritual and biochemical and proposing his prophetic vision of quasi-eugenic utopia.

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DeLaurences’ work on mesmerism and hypnotism along with its applications in medicine. Pure Victorianism!

General Update Time: The End of 2016 Is Nigh!

2016 has been a strange year; political and social upheaval everywhere, even weird weather, and more synchronicity than can remotely be fathomed by even those of us who have studied the occult for some length of time. For me, it has been a massive success; everything I am doing is far, far ahead of where I anticipated it being even under the most optimistic scenarios.

Before 2016 keels over and gives birth to what I imagine will be a nearly-as-strange 2017 (I envision it will be a lot like 1980, stay tuned) there is one final stretch of work to be accomplished, and it is nearly done now.

I have mentioned before that I will be creating a new category of literary work here for titles related to herbalism, homeopathy, and quack medicine; “Magic Plants”, “The Witches Pharmacopoeia”, and “Gunpowder as a War Remedy” are already done, meaning one more work is necessary to make it a proper category of its own; I am, at the moment, half done with the roughly 125 page “Primitive Physick” which seems to be massively overpriced on Amazon by those selling editions of the same. If time allows, I will also be releasing, as stated before, the South Sea Herbal, but I wanted a longer and more substantial work (The latter is only about 30 pages) to go into the category with the shorter manuscripts. It’s still within the realm of possibility that I have time to release “Weeds as Medicine” but I do not anticipate that until early January.

In 2017 I plan to branch out into several other categories of work also, and finally release Morbid Stories II, Sickness in Hell II, and other works.

General Update Time!

Things are going along quite smoothly at present; due to the sudden coming of snow (far earlier than usual) I’ve gotten a little ADHD addled I suppose and I have three works not complete but all more than half complete; namely the (very good) South Sea Herbal, the Asuri Kalpa, and A work called “Everybody’s Astrology.” I figure at least one will be done before November ends, and the other two in the first week of December, with three more works to go before the big #100.

That completes the first stage of my work; but there is an enormous load ahead for 2017; namely at least one and probably two entire categories’ worth of work (“medical” will combine herbals with homeopathy, and I envision a new category for works related to the psychic arts, mediumship, mesmerism, and similar topics), as well as a planned massive addition of new subjects to the occult playlist I have made.

This is in addition to two side projects; tomorrow I should receive the three booklets I grabbed off ebay, and with my patreon-based donations far higher now I have the cash necessary to seriously look at some of the better booklet lots on ebay over time and grab a few to roughly double the occult archive- this has been actively planned for some time but until now I had so much else to do that I didn’t have the time; I want to field at least 200 free scans by the end of 2017 and another 100 on top of that by the middle of 2018.

The second side project is, of course, finalizing the kindle ebook releases and adding links to them to the categories on this blog; unfortunately at least four separate editions were messed up (I’m good at dealing with createspace’ system for paperbacks, but I am not used to the kindle process) and I had to completely redo them. If you do find that any of my ebook releases are not properly formatted, please do not hesitate to tell me here in a comment or by message on my Youtube channel.

I am also happy to announce that more than 120 copies of Sickness in Hell have been sold since its release about five weeks ago- this doesn’t sound like a lot until you realize that the genre is the literal fringe of the fringe being self released without commercial advertisement by a largely unknown author of fictional works.

Three New Works I Acquired

I was unable to obtain one of the works I had in mind for the archive and release; a scrapbook and partly hand-written civil war era medical quack work with various recipes and letters and other miscellaneous inclusions; the price quickly surpassed my willingness to buy a work I was not able to physically examine for condition.

However I did obtain three quack-era works related to medicine, including two on homeopathy and a third on the usage of gunpowder as a remedy. I will release these works as free scans for the archive as soon as I figure out my new printer/scanner combo and will also craft them into new editions.

from the ebay listing