General Update For July

As of right now I am juggling several good projects; Puckle’s “Funeral Customs” is first on the list, rapidly approaching completion, and will be available probably within a week, indeed possibly two or three more days if I continue editing at the rate I have been for some time.

I have obtained several new works that fit within the herbal and homeopathic category; I still have the South Sea Herbal to work on as well, so that makes three more entries within that category for the fairly near future; one is a longer work, the South Sea Herbal is rather short, and another that is about 60 pages in length, a simple hand guide to some herbal species.

The tenth category to be added to this blog (specifically for cryptids and folklore) will be made subsequent to the next title being finished that will fit into the same category. I may eliminate the folk magic category and create a new one specifically for mysticism which requires shuffling a few titles around as well- into that category will go works like the Sepher Bahir, along with a few works currently in the Divination category which are more spiritual as opposed to some of the routine fortune-telling titles.

Over the coming months I hope to return to works of divination and, once the South Sea Herbal is illustrated and released, it will finally be time to unleash a stand-alone variant of the Ars Goetia on the world and, after that, a version of the Lesser Keys of Solomon; the most famous of all grimoires.

The Witches’ Pharmacopoeia: Now Available!

And now at last we come to a great milestone in the catalog of works I have authored or edited; the 100th occult release (counting a half a dozen of my own works) and the first herbal/homeopathic work here, technically speaking; the very good “Witches Pharmacopoeia” by Robert Fletcher, who combines the Shakespearean with the burning times herbal and cauldron-stirring lore

This booklet is line after line of not only herbal inclusions into magick but contains also some brief coverage of other diabolical work; especially as it relates to the boiling of unbaptized infants or the use of hanged man fat in potions and rituals. You will probably know the latter best from the use of the Hand of Glory.

This work along with “Magic Plants” will be placed in a new ninth category for herbal, homeopathic, and medicine-related works as soon as at least two additional titles are available that would fit therein; likely the South Sea Herbal and “Weeds as Medicine.” It will go under the Academic heading until the new category is crafted.

40 pages.

Bumpy Road Ahead: That Means A Redoubling of Effort

An unexpected situation has arisen here that means that over the coming months (assuming said situation escalates) my ability to work will be hindered slightly. As such, I have decided to vastly increase my pace of work for as long as possible. My to-do list involves releasing a half dozen new works and reformatting virtually all of my pre-2016 editions in an extremely short time span. This will be grueling but has to be done with all vigor and haste that can possibly be dedicated to this cause.

Don’t worry; I will triple-announce any unexpected delays both here and on Youtube as well as my Facebook fan page. There is always the chance that this situation will defuse on its own.

A Poll For You!

Up until now all of my releases have been self published paperbacks. What if I released, through a publisher of the arcane, a hardcover/fine binding edition of one of my works? Specifically, the work in question, the infamous Petit Albert of French fame? Of course, the softcover edition would remain available- it would be a licensed limited printing of my edition.

Have at it!

A Host of New Works I’ll Be Working On

Little else makes me happier than acquiring new materials to edit and new ideas to write; honestly I think I’ve found my calling- or at least one of a more generally acceptable nature than analysis and banter on Youtube; admittedly, my latter effort is also skyrocketing in popularity. More copies of my literary works have sold in the first three days of October than were sold in the first four months of my editing back in 2015.

In the last few weeks I’ve been on an epic quest to bring in more literary content to release over time; and boy did the effort pay off; the following list is just a sampler of the things I’ll be working through in addition to dozens of works I already had planned;

-Hull’s “All About Devils”: A short (60ish page) work of extremely zealous christian authorship.
-“Egyptian Secrets”: Ascribed to Magnus but of the manufacture of deLaurence. A sort of Pow-wow style compilation work.
-“Gypsy Sorcery and Fortune Telling” by Leland- a quasi-academic work.
-“The Pedigree of the Devil” by Frederic Hall. A typical late 1800s spiritual-academic fusion.
-“Phallism in Ancient Worships” by Westropp and Wilder.
-The Kebra Nagast, an Ethiopian holy book.
-“Fairy and Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry” by Yeats: A collection of often paranormal folklore.

Sickness in Hell Update, And More!

Courtesy of the “Secret Book of the Black Arts” containing numerous references to other occult works, often philosophical and often historical, I have hit pay dirt once again and obtained five new works I was not formerly aware of, including King James’ own Demonological manuscript; I will be releasing these over time along with all the work I already had going on.

Progress is swift on SIH so far; I’m half done with the fourth chapter and now getting into the meat and bones (figuratively and literally) of the story; without giving too much away, it’s a festival of degraded morbidity already and I’ve only tentatively inserted a few grotesqueries so far out of a horde of vicious, slopping, cancerous abominations.

Today the heat wave came back and although I got necessary work done I didn’t get any editing completed on any of the three works I’m plowing through as we speak; when it’s 90 degrees with near 100% humidity, this state feels like southern Florida, and working under those conditions can be more difficult than when it’s crisp and warm and the crickets are chirping happily outside to remind me that all living things rot away in due time.

Grimoires For Sale

The following is a continuously edited list of grimoires which I have edited and released. All links are to Amazon, where I have self published my works.

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A compilation of the Goetia, Theurgia Goetia, Paulina, and Almadel, and one of the most famous grimoires. Everything from summoning demons to communicating with angels.

Click to Purchase
One of Mathers’ compilations of Renaissance ceremonialism. Long and dense and infamous.

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The original manuscript, unbridled from Ptolemy the Grecian’s later work. Mostly invocations.

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Possibly the darkest grimoire, containing mostly folkish rites, including the use of the hand of glory.

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Conjurations and spells for every day of the week, mostly gray magick.

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An extensive categorization system for minerals, beasts, plants, and their uses according to astrology.

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A series of philosophical aphorisms related to the occult.

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Strictly related to the crafting of Talismans, this enlightenment era French work contains a lengthy and detailed back story related to Napoleon’s adventures in Egypt.

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Mostly a talismanic work with prayers, but containing a pact with Satan as well.

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The most infamous of grimoires, containing a pact with a demon known as Lucifuge.

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A standard summoning and talismanic grimoire often conflated with the Sworn Book of Honorius.

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A Victorian era collection of charms, divination, mesmerism, seances, parlor magic, and talismans.

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The famous Ars Notoria, often bundled with the Lesser Keys.

THE PETIT ALBERT (English Edition)
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The most diabolical French grimoire, contains folk magick, talismans, and alchemical lore.

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A series of invocations making use of sacred names related to the angelic.

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John George Hohman’s 19th century tract- a combination of herbal medicine, folk magick, and protective charms from the Pennsylvania Dutch.

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An extremely famous list of seventy two demons and ways to conjure them for various purposes, often of a dark and malevolent nature.

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Book three of the Lemegeton, used for summoning angels, along with some astrological material.

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Book two of the lemegeton dealing with natural spirits less malevolent than the former Goetia.

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A long work of three volumes of folk medicine, black magic, and prayers. Related to Pow Wows and borrowing some from the Petit Albert.