The Process Begins on Improving the KDP Titles

This morning I finished “Magic and Witchcraft” and it is processing, but I figured I’d do a bit more and moved all five herbal titles to KDP (for ebook sales)- as always I don’t really care much about ebooks because I prefer physical copies, but people keep asking me for digital versions of my releases so I figure I might as well have a full ebook catalog too.

Which brings me to the happy news of the day; I am fully aware that a few of the titles I have aren’t properly processed there for sale as ebooks; when I released the first slew of digital releases I relied on Createspace to properly convert existing files and, of course, was let down; CS is great for paperbacks but has severe issues when it comes to processing uploaded files for release as ebooks; several titles were nothing more than the cover and one page of text, or four pages of badly formatted and massively cropped illustrations. I have to go back through and manually re-upload pdfs of each title to make sure they’re all in proper working order since CS can’t apparently handle it on their end; that means weeks more effort. I manually submitted the files for the five herbals so at least that category will be in proper format with no issues (I hope.) I’ll get to work tomorrow with the four folk works, then after that spend a week or so on the rest and do as much as I can while also releasing the next herbal title.


Sickness in Hell Update, And More!

Courtesy of the “Secret Book of the Black Arts” containing numerous references to other occult works, often philosophical and often historical, I have hit pay dirt once again and obtained five new works I was not formerly aware of, including King James’ own Demonological manuscript; I will be releasing these over time along with all the work I already had going on.

Progress is swift on SIH so far; I’m half done with the fourth chapter and now getting into the meat and bones (figuratively and literally) of the story; without giving too much away, it’s a festival of degraded morbidity already and I’ve only tentatively inserted a few grotesqueries so far out of a horde of vicious, slopping, cancerous abominations.

Today the heat wave came back and although I got necessary work done I didn’t get any editing completed on any of the three works I’m plowing through as we speak; when it’s 90 degrees with near 100% humidity, this state feels like southern Florida, and working under those conditions can be more difficult than when it’s crisp and warm and the crickets are chirping happily outside to remind me that all living things rot away in due time.

General Update: April Break/ Upcoming Works

Thanks to my new illustrating system it’s somewhat easier to create substantially better-quality illustrations for my works and as such it should be fairly simple to re-edit a couple of the older works I’ve released and bring the illustrations there up to my new standards. I took a look at the Grimorium Verum and determined that its own images were actually fine, which surprised me because for some reason I remembered one of them being crooked, as in, the hand drawn, scanned and digitized image seemed slightly “off” to me. Somehow, it was my eyes playing tricks on me.

Going forward into April I’ll be taking a week or two off at that time to relax and will be doing very little work; I have my own (fortunate and happy) things going on at that time and it’s about time to take a quick breather so I can get back into editing and writing mode for the summer.

Before this happens I intend to edit and release the Fourth Book of Agrippa; I’ve already reformatted and half-edited my way through it (it’s not a very long work) and merely need to illustrate it thereafter. Once that’s done, I have to re-edit and re-release two slightly poorer-format editions I created fairly early on in my editing streak, and I should probably retitle the Enchiridion, since it’s apparently better known as the grimoire of Pope Leo, not the enchiridion, it therefore makes sense to switch the title and subtitle for better overall attention from the occult-buying literary audience. If I have time to do so, I want to release an edition of the middle-length Clavicles of Solomon as well. This will require far more extensive artwork so it may take a while.

After my quick April break it’s onward to a slew of new releases; several by Hollandus, the three (true) books of Agrippa, the five books of the Lesser Keys (individually, I plan a complete critical edition some time thereafter), and an extremely interesting book called Napoleon’s Oraculum. This fortune telling system is similar to the Philosophical Merlin, the latter probably being partly based on the same.

I intend to also re-edit Fruits of Eden; I was satisfied with the final result as apparently were others but I’d like to redesign the interior format of the images. I have ideas for many fiction and nonfiction works also in my head waiting to be written.

Coming Soon: December 2015 to Mid-2016

The following is a general (and malleable) list of the releases which will be featured here on this blog courtesy of yours truly, and some of my general plans for the next year or so in my writing, editing, and illustrating. (One of my subscribers confirmed the good overall quality of the Grand Grimoire re-release; which is pleasing- I figured the end result would be a much more polished release worthy of the amount of sales it gets.)

1. The “Rosary of the Philosophers” – Originally translated into English in the 18th century, this somewhat longer work is alchemical in nature and is nearly edited as we speak. It will be the last or second to last work I release in 2015 (My work on sonic occultism is complete and needs illustrating only.)

2. Hollandus’ “Opus Alchymy” – A short tract containing three sections regarding alchemical processes.

3. “The Wise Man’s Crown” – A 17th century Alchemical Treatise. John Heydon’s (sic) “Rosy Crucian Crown” – An interesting alchemical work of largely unclassifiable content, being part story, part notations to those the author felt appropriate to address, and part natural science treatise.

4. “Aradia” or the Witches’ Gospel – A work of middling length containing paganistic philosophical references.

5. A re-editing of the Grimorium Verum and Black Pullet, specifically for illustration purposes. Added to this, adding the formerly absent illustrations to several prior works.

6. Several of my own works.

7. Any new alchemical texts I can get my hands on. I have copies of one of Paracelsus’ and one of Plotinus’ work as well. If time allows I want them done and available by mid 2016.

I still need to acquire more occult works and as always will investigate any occult texts related to me; the limitation of the internet in searching for physical works especially is limited, unless one has a substantial budget- the work of creating inexpensive but attractive occult releases is made more difficult, oddly, by the lack of availability of inexpensive copies of these same texts, and I am in some cases forging a trail that is difficult to forge.

Fruits of Eden: Herbalism and the Occult NOW AVAILABLE

After many months, “Fruits of Eden” is now finally available. Last night I finished the last touches on the cover art, and uploaded all the files to Amazon.

The end result I am quite proud of- I never considered myself to be particularly artistically inclined other than in architectural drawing (which came in handy for a few of the illustrations for the charcoaling and garden design chapters of this work) and underestimated my ability to draw botanical works in a way that would be acceptable for a published work.

The book is 240 pages in length, fully illustrated, with a long index at the end for herbal species whether included in the four encyclopedic chapters or not. The work would have been far too long had all species involved with any occult field been included, since virtually any species is either directly or indirectly used in some manner except, perhaps, common clumps of lawn grass.

Thankfully, for the reader, the end result contains virtually the same information as it otherwise would have (I actually added a bit of extra material during my final edit as well) for a fraction of the price as well; the hardcover-only release formerly planned would have been about four times as expensive for just the basic edition, far more for those that were going to be bound in leather. The final touch of pizazz came with the lettering of the front cover- typically I use a font generation system and don’t freehand the title letters like I did here.

Anyone interested in botany, how-to occultism, occult history, or pragmatic garden design (involving methods normally not discussed such as charcoal making as a soil amendment process) will probably enjoy this work. I hate to toot my own horn, but a bit of tooting might be called for since it went through three edits with all artwork made by hand and edited for weeks.

Coming Soon: Edited Works

For those who are not yet aware (which may be most of my readership, since I haven’t really talked about it here much!) I have released more than just my own works that I myself authored. Some time ago it became clear that there was a relatively large and untapped market for “people who want occult material but want it in paperback, but don’t want it poorly made.”

Because much of the less expensive occult content on Amazon and elsewhere was composed of (as reviews frequently alluded to) poorly scanned books which were not edited beyond slapping them together in a few hours at most, and because properly made occult texts sometimes run up to 15 dollars just for a simplistic 40 page booklet and up towards 50 dollars or more for a short book (far more if hardcover or leather bound,) I realized that there was an entire category of people being shorted on such material- those who want an attractive but inexpensive final product.

I set out to complete such a work, focusing first on the infamous Red Dragon (generally referred to as the Grand Grimoire.) Reception has been good enough to justify continuing to edit old grimoires and other works perpetually, and I don’t intend to stop until I have released many hundreds of such works.

I am currently 2/3 of the way through editing the Sepher Bahir and will be working on two other similar works very soon; when the three are done (because they have such similar content, I love continuity) I will make a post with links to every occult work I have edited- the list is growing rather quickly because these works require less work than something written from scratch for the first time.

I am no expert with cover design or interior design for that matter, but the products I am making for sale are, at least, inexpensive and not simply crappy scans of existing works. Tip to buyers; ALWAYS remember to use the “look inside” function to check if it’s just a photocopied work, which will always be off center, spotty, and contain any imperfections retained from the original copy scanned in the first place. If you want fully edited, fully reformatted, sometimes re-illustrated works with attractive covers, and you don’t want to pay for something released by a self proclaimed magister or warlock, then I have what you need, or will in the future.

Incidentally anyone who wishes for me to edit and release an older work (generally speaking the author has to have died a century ago at least for it to be out of copyright) they can mention it to me, if the quality of other work they’ve seen pleases them. Sales are rising quickly so be assured the flow of new literature will be continuous.

I am working on two new works of my own making as well, and will still be editing the now (unfortunately) infamous “Fruits of Eden.” This is likely to come right after the three kabbalist works are done- which shouldn’t take long at all.

The Occult Compendium

Several years ago I wrote a work entitled Musings: The Occult Compendium. While I was pleased with the content of this work, the format was anything but sophisticated, and the editing needed a little more work. With that in mind I reformatted everything, re-edited it into its new form, and released it here under its new title.
The contents are fairly straightforward; rather than one specific topic it compiles shorter works on related topics; the psychic arts, curses, occult analysis of pop culture, and a refutation of asceticism and why it must be refuted in favor of a more Epicurean ideal. Along with this I included a short list of resources for those interested in the more occult, mystic tradition of spirituality, as well as a long run down on some modern Satanic philosophy.
The original, less attractive work had a more generic cover and was in entirely the wrong trim- an amateurish mistake I made because I was not yet fully used to the createspace design; as well I added a new introduction and table of contents, as well as more content.
It may be seen as a companion to my latest occult work, Occult Philosophy for the Modern Age.