The Ars Goetia: Now Available!


I am extremely pleased to announce that the Ars Goetia, arguably the most infamous of all demonic works, has been completed; this edition has been re-illustrated by the talented Rita Metzner and has had some changes made to its format over some editions (for example, giving each of the 72 demons its own page for ease of use; some editions place the Seals in alternating columns or put the description of the demon above, not below them.) Not meant to be superfluous and flowery but rather a functional edition, I omitted some of Crowleys’ additions, which have technically nothing to do with the original literary tradition.


I am pleased to say my edition here is the apparently least expensive edition available anywhere in paperback format.


For those not aware of the content, it is summoning; specifically aforementioned demons, using a system involving a magical circle and triangle, various seals, and standardized invocations. These various grotesque demons can, the book claims, allow the Master to talk to animals, see strange visions, and generally gain power, love, wealth, and other things; the one working such rituals needs to be wary though, since some of these demons can cause illness just by being nearby, requiring a magical ring. Others are a bit less malevolent. This text is one of a number of works which was compiled into the Lesser Keys of Solomon, of Mathers and Crowley fame.

It should be noted that I intend to release the other books of the Lesser Keys of Solomon (minus the Notoria, which is not authentically part of the same period works) compiled together, but that the Ars Goetia is its own stand-alone work and needed to be released as such prior.


Stolas be praised!

106 pages.


The Joy of Obtaining New Source Materials

In the last 72 hours a number of things have happened that ought to vastly improve the nature of the work I am doing. I have acquired a brand new gaming laptop (programs like open office run instantaneously with almost no loading time at all on this baby… so does Minecraft!) as well as a bunch of literary source materials- a pair of new herbals, an old text compiling all of the four works of Geber (or pseudo Geber) on alchemy, and a few other odds and ends including a couple of grimoires I hadn’t somehow obtained before.

Then to celebrate the occult birth of our country so many years ago, I got a copy of the Lesser Keys; I intend to cross-reference this vaguely critical, academic variant with other source materials as research, although I intend to release both the Ars Goetia alone and the Lesser Keys (Goetia, Theurgia Goetia, Paulina, Almadel, omitting the Notoria/Nova) as non-critical and simply inexpensive editions; trust me I am aware the world needs such a release!

Much work is to be done; happy work, culminating in I hope the 130th edition before Halloween.

General Update For July

As of right now I am juggling several good projects; Puckle’s “Funeral Customs” is first on the list, rapidly approaching completion, and will be available probably within a week, indeed possibly two or three more days if I continue editing at the rate I have been for some time.

I have obtained several new works that fit within the herbal and homeopathic category; I still have the South Sea Herbal to work on as well, so that makes three more entries within that category for the fairly near future; one is a longer work, the South Sea Herbal is rather short, and another that is about 60 pages in length, a simple hand guide to some herbal species.

The tenth category to be added to this blog (specifically for cryptids and folklore) will be made subsequent to the next title being finished that will fit into the same category. I may eliminate the folk magic category and create a new one specifically for mysticism which requires shuffling a few titles around as well- into that category will go works like the Sepher Bahir, along with a few works currently in the Divination category which are more spiritual as opposed to some of the routine fortune-telling titles.

Over the coming months I hope to return to works of divination and, once the South Sea Herbal is illustrated and released, it will finally be time to unleash a stand-alone variant of the Ars Goetia on the world and, after that, a version of the Lesser Keys of Solomon; the most famous of all grimoires.

General Update Time: Upcoming Releases

Alright literary world!

I am approaching the end of two new short political works; “Against Communism” and “Against Corporate Media.” As promised I have two other political titles I plan to release as well this month. I have decided to break apart my efforts into segments over the coming months also. April will be herbal month; two and possibly three new works will be edited then. In May, it’s time to return to grimoires and work through the Ars Goetia (as a stand-alone release) and to begin working on the other books of the Lesser Keys. A modified version of my Ars Notoria will be wrapped up into this bundle.

June and July will bring a slew of psychic works and a new literary category. After that, I plan to return to my own titles and begin hammering Sickness in Hell II out.

These plans are malleable, but the year ahead looks like some good stuff.

Aradia Update 2: Delayed/ Liber Salomonis Update

I’m glad I made my prior post about the Aradia.

As it turns out the copyright wasn’t an issue; what did emerge was that the template I used was faulty somehow and the cover art was off-center by a good centimeter or so. I sized it properly from Createspace’ own template site so I’m not sure how this happened, but I’m a stickler for format now, and even plan to go back and correct (minor) flaws in my older works as soon as my current work is done. It may be a few days to a week before this is fixed since I have to redesign the cover, apparently, in a different format.

In other news I have begun work on the Liber Salomonis which of course is a hermetic era text masquerading as a Kabbalistic work called the Sepher Raziel. Since there are at least three major versions of the same I decided to use the one which was most complete, even though the antiquation of the language usage is making the editing more slow than for other versions. This specific text claims to be Solomonic but is certainly of primordial European manufacture as evidenced by its ritualized content which appears to both borrow from and give content to other contemporary grimoires in the European tradition; especially the Red Dragon.

It’s a good work overall and longer than some grimoires at about 90 pages before any artistic content is added. It will be a worthy contribution to the literature I’m releasing.

I also have a basic schedule for when other works will be done:

-Liber Salomonis should be done by early March.
-Both of Hollandus’ short-ish works done by mid to late March. These might require no more than two or three days to edit apiece.
-An edition of the Ars Goetia done by the end of March, or at latest mid April.
-A full edition of the Lesser Keys to be released, containing the Ars Goetia as well as the traditional content therein done by mid May.

I am additionally preparing to re-edit “Morbid Stories” into a proper format with new art, and release Morbid Stories II. I’m still in the beginning stages on my other works.