Short Update Re: Ebooks

It’s time for a short announcement for several important pieces of information for my readers here.

1. I have transferred the files and information for the last 20ish works I have released to kdp. Soon they will be available on kindle as ebooks. I tend to drag my heels for months at a time on such things (because I myself do not like ebooks and tablets, I want physical copies of literary works) and then do them in spurts like this. This includes works like “The Piasa”, “The Roman Index of Forbidden Books”, and “Is the Devil a Myth?” among others.

2. Soon I will add links for both paperback and ebook copies to the category lists. For a few titles there will be no ebook because kindle’s platform has slightly different terms of service from Createspace for paperback works.

3. I have obtained a dozen new works to work on; some titles on alchemy, a few psychic works, and some mesmerism and other pseudoscience.

4. The tenth category will soon be added; “Folklore, Mythology, and Cryptozoology.” A new “Mysticism and Spirituality” category will absorb some works from other categories and replace the folk magic category.


Author: styxhexenhammer666

Author, activist, analyst.

One thought on “Short Update Re: Ebooks”

  1. I watch your videos on YT all the time, great work! I know you aren't much for Ebooks, but years ago, I got 2 of D.A. Schulke's books in PDF off of Scribd. As actual hard copies of his tend to be expensive, if you are interested, please contact me at, or As one book lover to another, I can email them to you, free, of course. Ars Philtron is 77 mb, so needs to go through Google Drive, though. As these are still under copyright, they would be for your personal use, or possibly for review, not for sale. I have the Viridarium Umbris, 2006 (the illustrations are beautiful!) and the Ars Philtron, 2001. If you want them, let me know! Karantha


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